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Manuel Figueroa

Manolo is noted for his exceptional diligence, creative problem-solving abilities, and a bias for action. Manolo is the brains of  ARaS. He is expanding the company to new highs by leading our team of Purchasing and Design with the best motivation and show of integrity.  He makes sure everyone knows how important they are to this journey while at the same encouraging the team to indulge in challenging new projects.

Jarumi Michaels

Jarumi is synonymous with dedication. From her early days as a purchasing supervisor, she has been able to take her natural skills in leadership, efficiency, productivity, and hard work to the next level, eventually leading her to run our full Production Department. Not only does she manage the quality and efficiency of our team, but she also wears several hats in the day to day operations of ARaS. She is our Operation Manager. Jarumi knows how to lead employees to deliver on client expectations, ensuring that each project will satisfy the end-users as intended.

Jarumy Michaels
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While every project is unique, we believe there should still be an underlying consistency to the way we work. We must deliver accurate, creative solutions to the design problems presented to us. To do this, we rely on an efficient, consistent process to perform fundamental tasks so our teams can focus on solving the more complex project issues — those that set us apart. It is a prerequisite that we are excellent at web design, not a differentiator. What makes us different is our ability to understand your needs and then work fiercely until we find the right plan.



Our business is about our people and their interactions to deliver a project. That’s why our project management structure centers around conversation; then, we count on our people to do the rest. And they do — listening to each client’s distinct needs and then empowering our people to deliver a solution. Qualities like integrity, authenticity, resourcefulness, and innovation are the building blocks of successful customer experience with us. Our customer experience process defines a consistent framework for these qualities to shine through.



At its core, our business is about creating spaces for people to thrive. In part, that means we work collaboratively to design and construct a virtual company. But there is also a significant human element ingrained into this process — it’s not merely about creating physical spaces. It’s about creating personal spaces for interaction. That’s why we design with the end-user in mind and make sure we provide a better experience for them in the areas we help create.

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American Results and Supplies helped me grow my Video Production business by finding new and effective ways of marketing my services. After sticking to their suggestions, I saw the growth I was shooting for!

Alex Santizo

We love our new website. It's very professional and provides all the information potential clients need to learn about us and how to contact our office. ARaS were great to work with and met all our needs.

Stefani Jacobs

ARaS were spectacular in helping us with SEO! They were very effective, efficient, tremendously knowledgeable, and very human with us as true novices. There is no way we can thank them enough for the work!

George Samuels
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About us

For businesses seeking services, the transparency and trust we provide through reviews and data-driven insights help dramatically improve the business to business partner selection and purchase experience. Since our reputation rating measures a variety of quality signals, businesses seeking services also have all the information they need to be confident in their choice.

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